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Baidu Pan 百度网盘, a cloud storage service developed by Baidu. To save, manage or share your files from the cloud,  start Baidu Pan APK Download with us, keep your moments anywhere~

Baidu Pan APK Download


Baidu Pan , called 百度网盘 (pinyin : baidu wangpan ) in Chinese, it’s a popular Cloud service in China.

There are Baidu Pan for Android and iOS on the mobile platform, and this article is for Android.

We will introduce how to download Baidu Pan APK here:

  1. App ?
  2. APK


How to download Baidu Pan for Android ?

App ?


▼ Friends using Android phone or tablet cannot install 百度网盘 on the Google Play Store.


But we can get APK on the sites below :

  • Mi App Store
  • official site (recommended)

baidu wangpan download


How to get Baidu WangPan APK ?

APK 1 Mi App Store


Mi App Store :  百度网盘

▼  We can get Baidu Pan APK on the Mi App Store (

Open the store link, and tap 下载 Download to have it.


Note 1 :  On desktop site? Click 直接下载 (direct download) to get it directly.

Note 2 : Can’t download it? Please try a different web browser.

baidu wangpan apk

APK 2 official site


official site :  百度网盘

▼ It also provides APK download on its official website ( ).

Open the link above, and tap 安裝客戶端 Install client at the top.

Select OK to save it, and you can get Baidu Wangpan APK .


Note 1  : On desktop site? Select Android and click 立即下载 to download it.

Note 2 : Can’t download it? Please try a different web browser.

baidu pan apk

That’s how we download Baidu Pan APK for your Android device, hope you like our content. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends~

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