Chinese Apple ID Registration | How to make a China Apple ID?

Chinese Apple ID Registration : Want to get Chinese App Store? To use Apps or services in China? Let’s make a China Apple ID, get Apps you are interested~

chinese apple id


Apple ID can be used to access Apple’s services (such as App Store, iTunes Store).

Each App Store normally provides different Apps, Games, and services from other Countries or Regions.

To try Apps or services from China, just enter Chinese App Store.

In this article, we will introduce how to create a new China Mainland Apple ID.

You don’t even need a China phone number, let’s see.


Chinese Apple ID

Open a new ID?


▼ Can’t get Top Chinese Games or Apps on your iPhone/iPad?

Sometimes, games or Apps are only available for limited Countries, so you probably can’t find them in your App Store.

To try games or Apps from China? You will need to enter China App Store.

Friends from outside of China can do so in following ways.

  1. Change the country of your existing Apple ID
  2. Apply for a new Apple ID


We recommend registering a new Apple ID first, and then switching regions (method 2).

This method can avoid problems of changing regions directly(method 1).


Nowadays, you could register a ID from different platforms (such as websites, apps), and we recommend registering on the web, which is the fastest way.

how to make a chinese apple id


Make a Chinese Apple ID

How ?


▼ To get a new China Apple ID, please follow the tutorial below.

You probably need 10 minutes to create it.

This article is from 94 Download (, and the link will take you there.

How to get a China Apple ID


Switching to the Chinese App Store, and you can get all the popular Apps.

chinese apple id

These are how we make a new Chinese Apple ID, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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