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SpeedIn 快帆 VPN , a VPN service helps users unblock and accelerate content in China. To visit sites or Apps in China? Start SpeedIn APK Download with us, get a Chinese IP easily~

SpeedIn APK Download


SpeedIn , called 快帆 in Chinese, it’ a virtual private network service provides Chinese servers, which helps you visit the content in China.

  • Note : This service is for users are outside of China, and you can visit blocked sites or Apps in China.


There are SpeedIn for Android and iOS on the mobile platform, and this article is for Android.

We are introducing how to download SpeedIn APK here:

  1. App ?
  2. APK


How to download SpeedIn for Android ?

App ?


▼ Friends having Android phone or tablet probably can find SpeedIn Pro 快帆专业版 from Google Play Store.

It provides limited VIP trial, but not always free.


To try the free version of SpeedIn App, we recommend that you get SpeedIn APK as method below.

China VPN


It provides APK file download on its official site.


How to get SpeedIn APK ?

APK : official site


official site :  快帆

▼ Open the link above(www.speedin.in).

Tap Android, and select 安裝包下载 (download installation package).

Select OK to save this file, and the APK download will start.


Note : Can’t download it? Please try a different web browser.

speedin apk

That’s how we download SpeedIn for your Android device, hope you like our content. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends~

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