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Tencent Meeting Download : Want to try Chinese video conferencing service? Let’s download Tencent Meeting App, run your meetings easily~

Tencent Meeting Download


腾讯会议 Tencent Meeting (TencentMeeting), helps users join and host online meetings easily.

Tencent Meeting is developed by Tencent Technology, and there are international version and Chinese version.

The international one named Voov Meeting, and here today we are introducing the Chinese version.

In this post, you will see how to get Tencent Meeting for Android and iOS.

  • Android (APK)
  • iOS


TencentMeeting Download

Android 1 Google Play


▼ Friends having Android devices cannot find Tencent Meeting from Google Play.

  • You probably could find Voov Meeting from the store.


And we can get Tencent Meeting APK from the sites below :

  • Tencent App Store
  • Official site

tencent meeting

Android 2 Tencent App Store


Tencent App Store :  腾讯会议

▼ We can download APK file from Tencent App Store

Open the link, and tap 通过第三方浏览器下载 (Download via a third-party browser).

Select OK to keep it, and you can get it through your browser.


Note : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

tecent meeting

Android 3 Official site


Official site : 腾讯会议

▼ It is also available on the official website as well.

Open the site link above, tap 立即下载 Download now.

Tap 立即下载 Download now again, and the download will begin.


Note 1 : On desktop site? Please visit the Tencent Appstore (↑) to get it.

Note 2 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Tencent Meeting Download


Tencent Meeting App

iOS 1 App Store (overseas)


▼  Friends on iPhone or iPad cannot find Tencent Meeting in App Store from outside of China.

  • Voov meeting is available for some Countries, it’s the international version.

voov meeting


To download Tencent Meeting for iOS, go visit the Chinese App Store (Mainland China) to get it.


iOS 2 App Store (CN) I


▼ Follow Create a Chinese Apple ID to open a new ID, and change the Country of your App Store.

tencent meeting download

iOS 2 App Store (CN) II GET


App Store :  Tencent Meeting

▼  Get into the Chinese App Store, and you can search tencent meeting or open the link above to GET this video conference App.

Tencent Meeting Download

These are how we download Tencent Meeting App, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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